Product Labels

Product Labels

Our Product Labels category is packed with label design ideas for branding your products and services. You can use our designs as is, or change them as much as you like by adding your own text, colours and logos. Our Online Designer software allows you to edit our designs to suit your exact label needs. Nothing beats your own completely customised product label.

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Watercolour Shampoo Label Round

This vibrant, water coloured shampoo label is a great starting point for any product; Use it as is o..

$2.37 Ex Tax: $2.15

Wedding Day Wishes Product Label

This square label design is great for all weddings and occasions, thank you's, invitations, gift car..

$2.56 Ex Tax: $2.33

Whole Olives Bottle Label

This is a bottle or packaging label for olive or olive oil related businesses, rectangular shaped ve..

$2.30 Ex Tax: $2.09

With All Our Love Wedding Note Label

This square label design is great for any wedding or occasion thank you, invitation, gift card,you n..

$2.56 Ex Tax: $2.33

Yes Body Butter cosmetic Label

A round label for use on any skin care or cosmetic and makeup business for product packaging. Great ..

$2.37 Ex Tax: $2.15

Your General Bakery Label

This is a label template for a bakery or baker, patisserie or any business making bakery styled prod..

$2.30 Ex Tax: $2.09

Body Cream Label

A Body Cream Label template ready for any information to make it customised to your business, add yo..

$2.30 Ex Tax: $2.09

Candle Sticker

Create your perfect Candle sticker from this template, ready to update with your information, just c..

$2.37 Ex Tax: $2.15

Cheese Label

Try this Cheese Label template for your own custom Cheese product labelling, edit online to include ..

$2.37 Ex Tax: $2.15

Choc Chip Cookie Heaven Label

This is a cookie template template for choc chip cookie labels, biscuit labels or any baking style o..

$2.19 Ex Tax: $1.99

Classic Cosmetics Makeup Label

This is oval label design perfect for any cosmentic, skin care or make-up product label, or beauty s..

$1.75 Ex Tax: $1.59

Coffee Beans Label

Use this Coffee Beans rectangular label template to create your own coffee product label, customise ..

$2.19 Ex Tax: $1.99

Coffee Is a Potion Product Label

Coffee truly is the best medicine, start the magic now by customising this wicked label. Be sure to ..

$2.37 Ex Tax: $2.15

Colour of the Year Label

A Colour of the Year Label to edit with your own details. A rectangular shape perfect for any bottle..

$2.19 Ex Tax: $1.99

Corniche Intense Eyeliner Makeup label

This is a label template suited to cosmetics, beauty and make-up product packaging. Label template i..

$2.08 Ex Tax: $1.89

Dairy Label

This is a template for a Dairy Label that is rectangular shape in a 1.5 to 1 ratio, ready for your d..

$2.37 Ex Tax: $2.15

Dog Shampoo Label

This Dog Shampoo Label is ready to edit with your own name and details. A rectangular shape perfect ..

$2.37 Ex Tax: $2.15

Egg Labels

For your new Egg Label try this template, ready for you to customise with your own text, logo and co..

$2.19 Ex Tax: $1.99

Face Cream Label

This Face Cream Label is a ready to edit template for any cosmetics label or sticker, ready for you ..

$2.09 Ex Tax: $1.90

Food Label

This is a generic Food Label ready for your design input, add your own logo, text and colours to the..

$2.37 Ex Tax: $2.15

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