Online Designer

Design-LogoThe Sticker Studio's online designer is a breakthrough in creating design for print. We have spent many months perfecting our software to make it easy for anyone to create their own custom artwork. You will find the online designer simple to use yet packed with powerful design functions.

Click the "ONLINE DESIGNER TUTORIAL" button at the bottom left of this page to see full instructions.

Add images from our online library or upload your own, edit and add text fields with content, fonts and colours, you can even rotate text! You can edit the design background as a separate element, giving you fantastic control over the overall sticker look, you can add colours, images (your own if you want), gradients, or just a plain old white. Add shapes from our online library, scale, rotate, distort or even fill them with solid colours or gradients if you like. Then you can get really creative with the opacity editor to make pictures or shapes transparent, or add image filter effect.

If you need a QR code, just use the built-in generator, it's simple. You can take a picture with your built-in webcam and place it on the canvas, or even import one from your Facebook account, how cool is that! Our unique design software will give you the freedom to create whatever you want. And don't forget - you can save your designs in your online account and return to them later to re-order, continue an unfinished design or edit an existing one. Simple!

Take a look at a sample video showing a typical label build HERE

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