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Alison-wine-labelHere are a few ideas to add a little personalised humour to your label designs, you can play around with combinations of personal facts to suit yourself.


Have a look at the list of example Personal Facts below and how to translate them into wine speak (ie something similar to what might be on a commercial wine label). These are just ideas, it's really up to you what you put, remember our Online Label Designer can edit, add and change any amount of text and images. For couples for example just increase the text to include two details (eg Product of Sydney & Melbourne etc), and, if you can think up anything different to the ones here, use them instead of, or as well!


Born Where (Born in Brisbane)  Product of Brisbane
Parent's Names (Parents - George & Kathy)  From The George & Kathy Vineyards
Grew Up (Grew up in Perth)  Matured in Perth
Lives Now (Lives in Bondi)  Bottled in Bondi
Nickname (known as 'Stretch')  The Stretch Vineyards
Married, engaged or partner to (Wife's name Susan)  Blended with the Susan grape variety
Maiden Name (Maiden name Johnstone)  From The Johnstone Vineyards
children (children called David & Lucy)  Has also produced the David & Lucy varieties
Pets (Dog called Bart)  Approved by Bart
Hobby / Activity (Enjoys Fishing)  Best served after a day's fishing
Sport - Plays (Plays Netball)  Best served when celebrating a win at Netball
Sport - Supports Team/Player (supports Arsenal)  Best served when celebrating a victory for Arsenal
Sport - Watches (watches Formula One on TV)  Best served whilst watching Formula One on TV
Favourite Pub (drinks The Imperial)  Often served (or often drunk) in The Imperial
Favourite Holiday Location (holidays in Fiji)  Best served relaxing under the Fijian sunshine
Music - Favourite Band/Singer (listens to Neil Diamond)  Best served whilst listening to Neil Diamond
Music - Plays (plays the guitar)  Guaranteed to hit the right note every time (on a guitar)
Member of (member of The Women's Institute)  A favourite with members of the Women's Institute
Food - Favourite Food (Loves Fish & chips)  It perfectly complements Fish and chips
Food - Favourite Restaurant (often eats at Romario's Restaurant)  Often served at Romario's Restuarant
Food - cooks (makes great cakes or top chef etc.)  Perfect with cakes or the choice of leading chefs
Favourite TV programme (watches Eastenders)  Best served whilst watching Eastenders
Job - Actual Job (is a lawyer)  The choice of top lawyers
Job - Works For (Works for the Dept of Health)  Approved by The Dept of Health


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