Design Tool Troubleshooting

Posted by Steven Coling 18/05/2017 0 Comment(s) Label Design Info,

If you have trouble with the design page not completing the submit and locking your browser, there are a couple of things you can try. First try clearing your browser cache, or, better still, try downloading a different browser and using that, ie, if you are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Chrome (both free downloads). Using a different browser will not only save you the trouble of loosing all your cached usernames and passwords, it will guarantee you a completely clear cache. Special Note- Chrome Users should try deselecting  "Predict network actions to improve page load performance" in Chrome menu > Settings > Show advanced settings

If you are uploading a file, don't go over 2mb in size and make sure it is a PNG or JPG file format, nothing else will work.
Try to avoid using wireless connections, you must have a fast, 2 way connection to create a layout and submit.
Also try to restart your computer, we find this clears a lot of built up data that can block the free flow of information required to create your print file.

NOTE: You must create an account and be logged in if you wish to save your designs into your account. Your designs are automatically save into your account upon submit, you can then modify the design from the item window or from your "Saved Designs" window in your account.

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